Outfits to Wear At The Races

A day at the races is more than just a day of watching prestigious horse races, it’s an excuse to get dressed up in your best attire, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to be a horse racing expert to enjoy yourself at a horse racing event – but one thing is for sure, scrubbing up well is a good idea.

If you’re wondering what to wear for a day at the races, you’re in the right place. You can find the dress code for Newbury on our website and read on for some inspiration on fits to wear at the races.

We have put together some outfit ideas for men and women who are looking to get suited and booted for a day at the races sometime soon.

What is the dress code for Newbury and other UK racecourses?

An excellent place to start when deciding what to wear for a day at the races is to look up the dress code, the racecourse and the event you are attending.

Since each racecourse in the UK has a different dress code for certain enclosures, and British weather is always a concern, your outfit decisions can vary depending on the racecourse and the time of year.

Here at Newbury Racecourse, the dress code is an imperative aspect of the entire race day experience – we want everyone to feel their best and make the most of their time here with us. We have slightly different dress codes for the two enclosures in our amazing racecourse facility.

At our Premier Enclosure and Hospitality in The Hennessy Restaurant, we strongly advise racegoers to wear smart attire. Most visitors prefer to dress up for the occasion. For smart attire, we deem smart denim jeans, smart shorts and trainers acceptable, however, denim must not be ripped.

Our Grandstand enclosure has a much less restricted dress code – fancy dress is allowed as long as it is not offensive. Additionally, we request that no one enter any of the enclosures with bare chests, sports or supporter shirts, vests, or tracksuits. Most of all, we encourage everyone to stick to the dress code but remind you that dressing up is the best way to enjoy the race day experience.

Elegant dress and a fascinator hat for the ladies

For women attending a day at the races, a dress is the most popular outfit choice to go for. From floral and patterned to bright and bold, most dresses, when paired with a fascinator hat, will leave you looking your best at the races.

In summer, brighter-coloured dresses are a fantastic choice to complement the bright weather whereas neutral colours like beige and primary colours such as red and black are popular outside the summer season. A matching fascinator hat will top off any look – it’s a staple of horse racing attire for female racegoers.

A dress and hat will be sure to meet any dress code, just find some comfortable flat shoes or some heels to finish off the look completely. Go with whatever sleeve length and dress length suits you, and don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern and colour.

Women, why not wear a jumpsuit?

A jumpsuit is a smart and stylish alternative if you feel more comfortable in trousers than a dress. Similar to dresses, it’s advisable to stay away from strapless jumpsuits and choose a style with sleeves or straps that are wider than an inch.

For a trendy spin on race day attire, throw in a jacket in a complementary or coordinating colour if you’re unsure about your jumpsuit.

Men, get suited and booted like a true gentleman

Many men go all out with their race day attire and we don’t see why not. You can go with something more traditional like a twill suit or darker colours like green and grey. A flat cap could even be worn for a more traditional aesthetic. You can wear a shirt, trousers and a blazer with a waistcoat underneath and a tie to complete the look. Express your style – we think traditional suits look impressive.

Smart casual attire for men

If you don’t want to go all out, a shirt and trousers still look smart on race day, perhaps with a tie or blazer to go with. Jeans are allowed but we think smart trousers are the best option. Checked suits and trousers are in fashion and look great with a white shirt and brown trousers throughout the year – especially in the summer.