Olly Murs: Q&A Before BetVictor Hungerford Day

Olly Murs: Q&A Before BetVictor Hungerford Day

We caught up with Olly Murs before his headline performance at BetVictor Hungerford Day

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You started 2023 with your amazing arena tour, you’ve got married and now you’re heading into the summer shows – it’s been some year hasn’t it?

Yeah, I just feel like the whole world is lit up now!  Everyone is back, everyone’s living life, everyone’s enjoying themselves and everything feels back to normal, which is brilliant.

I’ve been super busy with work from filming The Voice to the tour. It’s been quite full on, and in the midst of all that, getting married and organising a wedding!

It’s been intense but a good year; a lot of exciting things.

Racecourse shows always bring out really diverse crowds – do you find you change your setlists accordingly?

I’m always very conscious of that and it’s not about what I want to play.

Coming to a racecourse I know that so many people are there to enjoy themselves and to have fun.

They want to hear all this hits – I always cater for every audience that I sing in front of and always make sure the setlist is right because I want people to walk away going you know what, I like Olly Murs because not only does he do his own songs, but he also likes to mix it up by singing other songs.

Of your newer songs from your latest album ‘Marry Me’, what have been the best crowd reactions you’ve had?

I would say it’s ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’.

That’s a really great song to sing live and it’s such a fun song – so, I think that song will definitely get the best reaction!

How would you describe a music raceday?

Honestly, I genuinely tell so many people who haven’t been to a music night at a racecourse before that they have to go and do it.

It’s top entertainment, everyone comes, it’s a lovely day out with friends, families, or partners.

You get to watch racing, eat some good food and then you get to enjoy an act at the end of it – it’s just brilliant fun!

For those who haven’t seen you before, what can someone expect at an Olly Murs show?

For me, its energy, fun and a bit of banter.

It’s entertainment and it’s just a really good laugh.

I think if you want to come and dance all night and listen to some classics while also listening to my own songs, you’ll get a bit of everything in my show.

It’s really good fun and an energetic show. It’s not too serious, it’s just a really good night out.