How to keep on top of horse racing results

If you’re off to the races – or watching from home – and you’re keen to make some bets or simply want to stay in the loop with the latest horse racing news, it should be in your best interests to keep on top of horse racing results. You’re in the right place if you want to know more about the ins and outs of horse racing.

Reading and understanding horse racing results allows you to determine which horses to back for upcoming races, which in turn, gives you a better chance of winning some money.

There are several tools and methods you can use to keep up to date with the latest horse racing results – and we’re going to break them down in this guide.

Monitor horse racing results online

There is a wide range of websites out there that contain all of the latest horse racing results and event information. You won’t struggle to find a website or app that has regular updates for horse racing fixtures all across the country and over the world. On these websites, you’ll find live updates, race results, and insights to help you make betting decisions. Various sites feature the odds and form of horses competing in various events.

For the ultimate way to keep on top of horse racing results and to never miss a single update, some apps and sites offer trackers or push notifications which send out automatic notifications to your device regarding live updates and results. This can come in handy and save you time when wanting to know the latest racing results on the go or when you’re at the racecourse.

Use a racecard to find a horse’s results and form

Form figures and results can be found on the left side of a horse’s name on a race card. Read from right to left, the numbers indicate the finishing positions of the horse in its recent races. The numbers furthest right are the most recent results. A horse’s recent results can be used to determine its current form. Reading form is easier said than done – but when read properly, it can enable you to choose the best-performing horses to back in upcoming races.

How do you read horse racing results and form?

Horse racing results can affect a horse’s form. A horse’s form is a record of its performance in previous races – it shows how well a horse has performed recently and the form that it’s in. Many racegoers use the form to forecast how well a horse will do in a future or upcoming race. You should be able to determine the strongest competitors in a race by comparing the form of the horses.

Located beside the horse name or silks, you’ll find a set of numbers – each number represents the finishing place of the horse in its recent races. You read from the right for its most recent races. For example, if the form reads 263421, it means the horse finished 1st place in its most recent race. Numbers range from 1 to 9 – if one of the digits is 0, it means the horse didn’t finish in the top 9.

When a letter is used in place of a number, it means that the horse didn’t finish the race or that the race’s outcome was invalid. When a hyphen (-) or a forward slash (/) is used (the / symbol), this doesn’t represent a race result or outcome – they denote different types of breaks from racing.

Horse racing form abbreviations also include letters. Some of the most common abbreviations include:

  • F – the horse fell
  • P or PU – the horse was pulled up by the jockey
  • R – the horse refused
  • U – the horse unseated the jockey
  • L – the horse left at the start
  • BD – the horse fell after being struck by another horse

Immerse yourself in the world of horse racing

Keeping up to date with the latest horse racing results is essential if you’re interested in betting on horse races – whether you attend the racecourse yourself or watch the results unfold from the comfort of your own home.

Another way you can keep on top of horse racing results is by immersing yourself in the horse racing landscape. By staying in the loop and attending racing fixtures at a race course like Newbury Racecourse, you will gain more insights into the latest horse racing results and experience the action first-hand. We have multiple racing events and fixtures taking place all year round at our racecourse.