Getting to know Wesley Moore


To celebrate the start of #NationalCareersWeek19 we thought we would speak to some of our staff about what they do and how they started.

First off, we spoke to Wesley Moore, our Catering Operations and Staffing Manager.

When did you start work at Newbury Racecourse?

November 2008, my first day was the Hennessy Gold Cup!

What did you do prior to working here?

I was studying music at the time and working racedays and weekend events for a bit of extra cash.

What was your first job here?

I started out as a porter, moving equipment from A to B, taking out the rubbish, washing up and just trying to help in any way I could. It was hard work, back breaking at times, and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to start working behind the bar. This was where I really came into my own, engaging with customers in a fast paced environment, and helping my colleagues to ensure our operation was the smoothest of all the bars. We took great pride in the service we provided.

What is your current job here?

I am now the Catering Operations & Staffing Manager, responsible for the recruitment and deployment of all of our casual staff and well as overseeing the delivery of our food and beverage offer.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into a similar line of work?

I would say that whilst the work is tough, especially in the early stages, as long as you can put in the hard work and commitment, the feeling you get when an everything comes together and you deliver a great event is fantastic and really does make it all worthwhile.


We have casual and seasonal opportunities for bar and waiting staff. Click here to register for our next Recruitment & Induction Day on Thursday 28 March.