Coral Gold Cup Catch Up – Datsalrightgino & His Potential Targets

Shortly after his major win in December, we visited Coral Gold Cup hero Datsalrightgino to catch up with the local Lambourn equine superstar and his trainer, Jamie Snowden.


After arriving, we were pointed in the direction of Datsalrightgino’s stable, where we could spot him with his head out of the stable door. On going over, Gino leaned over his stable door to meet us. A horse full of character, he looked very pleased to be remaining at the centre of attention after his success in the historic Coral Gold Cup. 

When asked what he’s like to ride at home, his usual exercise rider said “he is great, very straight-foward and professional. You don’t really have to think when you’re on him unlike some of the others, he really knows his job. He definitely thinks he’s ‘the man’ though!”

His trainer, Jamie Snowden, noted that he had come out of the race “really well, he’s bouncing. He’s certainly enjoying all the adulations that everybody is giving him, and he thinks he’s the king, which is great”.

Catch up with the Coral Gold Cup superstar below, where Jamie reveals potential targets for the local hero, including a possible return to Newbury for Betfair Super Saturday, which you can purchase tickets for here.

Snowden also mentions that “certainly the Grand National has got to come into the reckoning”.