An inside look at Gin Thursdays

If you are a lover of gin, it’s natural that it’s going to be your drink of choice when you go out to have fun. As you most likely already know, distilleries produce a wide variety of gin flavours to pair with lemonade or tonic. Gin is a very classy drink. That’s why it’s the perfect alcoholic beverage to pair with a day at the races.

If you want to experience the fun of the races whilst enjoying a delicious gin cocktail, why not check out Gin Thursdays at Newbury Racecourse? It’s sure to be a great day out.


What is #GinThursday?

Newbury Racecourse is famous for its fun-filled days. You can watch the horses and their riders compete against each other, dress up in your best clothes, and indulge in a little friendly gambling with your friends.


With that said, Newbury Racecourse hosts a number of events throughout the year. Some of these are related to holidays, including Christmas, while others are designed to encourage guests to come with their friends. You will find that Gin Thursday is designed specifically for the happiness of gin enthusiasts.


As a gin festival, you will see that Gin Thursdays are perfect for people who love going to the races, whilst indulging in their favourite drink. It is a great place to go if you are interested in trying new flavours of gin and is guaranteed to entertain you throughout the day. That’s why it’s worth giving Gin Thursday at Newbury Racecourse a go.


What type of gin will be on offer?

One of the best things about Gin Thursdays at Newbury Racecourse is that there will be a wide variety of gin available for you to try. Newbury Racecourse’s race card will detail all of the tasting notes; however, you can expect there to be about 30 types of gin on offer for you to indulge in.


Some of the partners that Newbury Racecourse has paired up with include:

  • Bloom
  • Warner
  • Pinksters
  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Seedlip
  • Schweppes
  • The Newbury
  • Oxi-Botanicals

Make sure to try all of the gins that are on offer for you. That way, you can spend an evening at the races drinking and having a lot of fun.


When does Gin Thursday begin?

If you are interested in joining the fun, Gin Thursday is going to happen in July over three Thursdays. So, the dates you can book are:

  • Thursday 4th July
  • Thursday 11th July
  • Thursday 25th July

You can also join in the Gin Festival Finale on 25th July to make sure to celebrate the summer season as much as you possibly can in good company. So, jump in and enjoy yourself. You can even invite your friends to turn it into a truly sociable event.


What else will happen on Gin Thursdays?

Naturally, you can watch the races whilst enjoying a glass of gin, but to add to the atmosphere, there will be live music for you to enjoy. This includes a live DJ in the evening when the races have ended for the day.