Each horse is given odds based on its chance of winning.  The shorter the odds (e.g. 2-1) the more likely, in theory, it is to win.  If it does, your winnings in relation to your stake (amount betted) will be relatively low.  A horse at long odds (e.g. 50-1) is known as an outsider and is less likely to win.  However, if it does, your winnings will be much higher than your stake.


You will find totepool betting windows all over the course with screens showing the estimated prices for each horse above them.  The favourite will be highlighted in a different colour.

By betting with Totepool you are not betting against a bookmaker. Your stake goes into a pool and how much you win depends on how many other winning tickets there are, just like the lottery. Totepool often pays more than the bookmakers so make sure you check the value before each race.

If it’s choice you’re after look no further than Totepool who offer a range of products each and every day. You can bet Win, Place and Eachway on a single horse or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try and pick the horses to finish 1st and 2nd in an Exacta. Remember, the minimum bet for all Totepool products is just £2.

If you’re looking to win big for a small stake then Totepool multi race bets is where it’s at. The Placepot is racing’s favourite bet where you can win big for picking a placed horse in the first six races, you can win without even backing a winner.


In contrast to totepool betting, when your exact return is dependent on how much has been wagered in total, each bookmaker indicates the price (odds) for each horse on their board and this is the price your return is based on when you make your bet.  This can change as the start of the race approaches and there is always a great atmosphere as punters try to get their bets on.

Therefore, if you have a horse in mind, it is well worth scanning the different bookmakers’ boards to find which one is offering the longest price therefore increasing your return if it wins.

You can usually place a win, place or each way bet with a bookie.  Some bookmakers have a minimum stake which will be marked at the bottom of their board so doublecheck this before making your bet.  When you approach the bookmaker, just state the name of the horse and the type of bet you wish to place e.g. ‘Bishops Dream, £5 win’.

Good luck!