Lizzie’s Blog – Week 1

Dear all,

Welcome to my blog! I will be keeping you up to date about my time here at Newbury Racecourse during my placement and I hope you enjoy it! Perhaps it comes as a bit of a surprise that I have decided to get into this sphere of racing but I studied Events Management at Winchester University before I decided to take my chances as a professional jockey and wanted to get back into it. I am very passionate about racing and I have felt for a long time that racecourses have a strong part to play in the success of the sport and wanted to see what happens behind the scenes. I hope that by gaining more experience in this I will be able to do more to help our sport in the future.  I started looking into finding a summer job a few months ago and was very lucky that Newbury offered me exactly what I wanted. I spend three days a week at Newbury in the offices in a Marketing Intern capacity and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in!

At the time of writing I’ve already done my first two weeks in the office and have also been at the course for my first race-day from behind the scenes. So far, it’s been a really fascinating experience – seeing how the racecourse works behind seemingly closed doors. The ball is always rolling and it’s busy despite the lack of horses and crowds! I’ve been given several projects to be getting on with and so far I’ve managed to complete a couple! My favourite project that I’ve been given is Ladies Day. I’ve been allowed to be as creative as I want and I’ve tried to explore as many avenues as possible in terms of what the racecourse could create and achieve. I am really enjoying doing plenty of research into the weird and wonderful in an attempt to make Ladies Day more exciting and glamorous than ever! The team want me to generate ideas and hopefully some of them will be taken forward to be used – if they are good enough that is! I’m trying to use inspiration from other brands, corporate and sporting events to make something really special and I’m getting quite protective over it!

Of course, it is a massive change of scenery from my usual daily routine. Normally I would be up early and on the yard mucking out and riding horses for the morning. I must admit that putting on smart suits does make for a welcome change! Desperately trying to channel my inner Anna Wintour! This change in routine and working environment has been a bit of a learning curve with many pros and cons. One of the pros is no early start as my alarm normally goes off at 5.50am but one con is definitely ‘rush – hour’ – a phenomenon that I don’t usually have to deal with! When I started I found it quite difficult to sit still in front of a computer from 9 until 5.30 but I’m beginning to settle as they say! I don’t find myself staring out of the windows quite as much as when I started! I’m really looking forward to the summer at Newbury and I’m amazed that I managed to get the job – it’s exactly what I had hoped for and I’m really looking forward to being a part of a team and racecourse that is in the middle of an amazing redevelopment and currently wanting to explore what fun they can with the track. The next few months are going to be incredibly interesting and now I’ve got the first couple of weeks under my belt, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer!


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